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            Trade name :               Gamma-Terpinene

            CAS NO.:                             99-85-4

            molecular formula:               C10H16

            molecular weight:                 136.23

            FEMA:                                  3559

            HS.CODE:                          29021900

            Flash point :                          56 ℃

            Obtained by chemical reactions of turpentine, it is a kind of colorless liquid with fresh citrus type odor.


            Purity( GC )



            Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid

            Special Gravity (D204


            Refractive Index (N20D



            -Widely used in Cosmetic & Personal Care, Flavor & Fragrance, Electronics, Pharmaceutical industry.

            Package,store and transportation

            -Packed in 210L or 235L new galvanized iron drum, net weight 170kg or 190kg.

             -Keep in tightly closed container in a cool and dry place, must be kept away from heat and flame.

             -UN Number: UN 2319 3/PG 3 | S-phrases: S26 S36 | R-phrases: R10 R36/37/38 .

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