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            3- Carene

            Trade name :                     3- Carene

            CAS NO.:                          13466-78-9

            molecular formula:               C10H16

            molecular weight:                136.23

            Falsh Point     45

            Usage:  3-Carene is the main component of monoterpene in essential oils. It has strong pine like aroma. It can be applied to many kinds of food flavors, and can also be used as raw materials for synthetic flavoring.


            Purity GC



            Colorless  clear liquid,

            Transparent,no impurities, no

            suspended solids

            Special Gravity D204

                 0.855 0.865

            Refractive Index N20D


            Special properties and uses

            -Widely used in Cosmetic & Personal Care, Flavor & Fragrance, Electronics, Pharmaceutical industry.

            Packing,storing and transporting

            -Packed in 200L or 235Lnew galvanized iron drum,170kg or 190kg net weight.

            -Keep in tightly closed container in a cool and dry place, must be kept away from heat and flame.

            -UN Number: UN 2319 3/PG 3 | S-phrases: S26 S36/S37 | R-phrases: R10.

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